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We develop the future generation of ice hockey players and build versatile, experienced athletes. The hockey prospects are committed to quality coaching. The well-being of the athletes is our priority.

The Hockey Prospects Austria association gives the players the opportunity to work beyond the association's activities. Our focus is on the holistic development of ice hockey players with an emphasis on individual skills and abilities. We want to constantly bring the players to a better level and help them in their development.


Within the Hockey Prospects, players from different clubs play together in a team. Part of the hockey prospects is the selection of players from individual vintages. Their goal is to work with players of a similar skill level, creating a competitive environment for them to progress effectively.


We value the behavior of players on and off the ice, as well as their positive attitude towards hockey and the sport in general. We want to guide players in the right direction and show them a path that can help them achieve their dreams and goals.

The Hockey Prospects are represented at national and international games and tournaments. They are characterized by excellent skills, team spirit, will to win and good manners.

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